The League of Night and Fog

Written by:
David Morrell
Narrated by:
George Ralph

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2006
11 hours 38 minutes
From the Vatican to the Swiss Alps, from Australia to the heartland of America, the two masterful operatives known as Saul and Drew are being drawn together to solve a violent riddle: Why have ten old men been abducted from around the world? When the agents, weary of their own covert wars, begin to investigate, they are pulled into a terrifying cycle of revenge that began in the heart of World War II—and is now forcing sons to pay for their fathers’ darkest sins.…'A crackling good action mystery.' —UPI International'Morrell, an absolute master of the thriller, plays by his own rules and leaves you dazzled.' —Dean Koontz, author of Sole Survivor
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Loved this book when it came out, so thought it was worth a listen. It didn't age well, really shows its age, but it's still a decent thriller. The narration, however, is about the worst I've ever heard. The man reading it sounds like he's just announcing the news or something. There's incredibly little inflection or change of tone for different characters or emotions. Very dull to listen to.

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