Legacies: Book 1: Captain to Captain

Written by:
Greg Cox
Narrated by:
Robert Petkoff

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2016
9 hours 40 minutes
An epic new trilogy begins—a tie-in for the milestone fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series—that stretches from the earliest voyages of the Starship Enterprise to Captain Kirk’s historic five-year-mission…and from one universe to another!

Hidden aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise is a secret that has been passed from captain to captain, from Robert April to Christopher Pike to James T. Kirk. Now the return of the enigmatic woman once known as Number One has brought that secret to light, and Kirk and his crew must risk everything to finish a mission that began with April so many years ago…

Nearly two decades earlier, April and his crew first visited the planet Usilde, where they found both tragedy and a thorny moral dilemma. Today, the legacy of that fateful occasion will compel Kirk to embark on a risky voyage back to that forbidden world—which is now deep in territory claimed by the Klingon Empire!

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Martin B

An intriguing start to the three book trilogy. A great scene setter, the narration takes the listener right into all the twists and turns of story. A collection of well known characters that are easily recognisable because of the skill Robert Petkoff. I have already started to listen to the second book in the series.

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John Stockman

The premise of book one was intriguing enough to entice me to give it a try. I was not disappointed. What was most surprising about this initial book was how fast the story progressed and how seamlessly it wove together characters from the original Enterprise under Captain Robert April with the original crew commanded by Captain James Kirk. More was learned about the original "Number One" whom we only met briefly during "The Cage". The narration was first rate. I commend the skill of Robert Petkoff in his ability to voice the wide range of characters(both male and female) with such distinction. Particularly notable was his stunning voice characterization of Montgomery Scott. I became engrossed in this story and listened to both the second and third installments (reviewed later). This is a complex, yet gripping, tale of time, multi-dimensional travel coupled with a real Star Trek feeling. Greg Cox did a great job on bringing this story to life and invoking the spirit of the original crew.

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