The Little Book of Rest: 100+ Ways to Relax and Restore Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Written by:
Stephanie Thomas
Narrated by:
Subhadra Newton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
3 hours 36 minutes
Take your self-care and healing to the next level by redefining rest with these accessible and practical approaches to looking beyond sleep and focusing on other physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional parts of the self.

Do you wake up in the morning and still feel tired? Do your supposedly relaxing activities actually just feel like another thing to check off that to-do-list? Do you feel like you never really have time to recharge? It’s time to rethink rest!

Rest is no longer about just getting a good night’s sleep or taking an evening to relax on the couch and watch TV. It’s a radical act of self-care that asks you to take into account all the different aspects of yourself that need to rest and take a break. And The Little Book of Rest has everything you need to get started. In this book, you’ll find restful solutions that will impact each of every part of yourself, including:
-Your body: Yes, sleep is important. But did you know that taking a bubble bath to relax your muscles or practicing foam rolling can also help your body chill out?
-Your mind: Try some activities to help give your mind a break on those days when you’re distracted and unfocused like doing a ten-minute meditation or taking a thirty-minute break from your phone.
-Your emotions: After a stressful, difficult situation, your emotions need some cool down time too! Try cuddling with your pet or even spending ten minutes daydreaming about something pleasant.
-Your spirit: Even something as simple as lying on a beach or sitting outdoors and listening to nature sounds can be enough to give your soul the rest it needs.

With insight into why resting—really resting—can benefit you and your community as a whole, this book is your guide to slowing down, letting go, and finding peace and healing within yourself.
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