Lords of the North

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2007
13 hours 8 minutes
The third installment of Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling series chronicling the epic saga of the making of England, “like Game of Thrones, but real” (The Observer, London)—the basis for The Last Kingdom, the hit BBC America television series.

After achieving victory at King Alfred’s side, Uhtred of Bebbanburg is returning to his home in the North, finally free of his allegiance to the King—or so he believes. An encounter with a vicious slave trader introduces Uhtred to Guthred, the self-proclaimed King of Northumbria. Curious about Guthred’s astounding claim, Uhtred follows him north. But he soon discovers fate has another incredible surprise in store, and begins an unexpected journey that climaxes in the midnight siege of a city thought impregnable—a dangerous seige that results in the forging of England.

Lords of the North is Bernard Cornwell’s finest work yet—a breathtaking adventure, but it also tells the story of the creation of English identity, as the English and Danes begin to become one people, appropriating each other’s languages and, thrillingly, fighting side-by-side.
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Mike Sibley

It was hard to know if I liked the book, as the narrator was so poor. I've been reading the entire series and am spoiled by Jonathan Keeble who has read most of the books in the series. It really throws you off when you are used to the voice of all the characters from other books, then the publisher picks a substitute reader who is so vastly different.

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Michael W.

I was literally embarrassed for this narrator. He's truly hard to listen too. The narration ruined the whole experience for me.

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Rhonda K

Love the book, hate the narrator. Maybe hate is a little strong. Intensely dislike, mostly because he's not Jonathan Keeble. What were they thinking? Why mess with perfection?

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Travis Curtiss

Enjoyed the book but the narrator was not as good as the one used for The Last Kingdom and Pale Horseman.

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Ross B.

Horrible narrator. He makes Ragnar sound like a sniveling pussy. This guy needs to go back to working at the library. The book was good. It was nice to see Uhtred go through something difficult such as becoming a slave. The looming ‘Red ship’ was enjoyable. Ultimately I’m finding the themes redundant and beginning to fade on the series. I’m still waiting for it to hold up (in any way) to the warlord chronicles.

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danny m

Great book series and this book did not disappoint either!

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I have enjoyed the series about Utred! The story is excellent, as is the narrator. You will thoroughly love it.

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So I literally just downloaded this book right now. I got through the first words of the introduction and thought “Holy Shit, this narrator sucks, not the same dude”. Then I read the reviews. Ouch!!!!!

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Kelly H.

Absolutely terrible compared to the first two Books, why can’t we hear the version with Jonathan Keeble? The narrator did not carry the same power as Jonathan did in the first 2 books.

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Harley C.

the narrator was truly awful for this book , I'm sure he's ok for other books but not this one

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Andrew C.

I liked the book as much if not more than the previous two books. The narrator is different from the first two and took just a couple minutes to get used to and after that he was perfect. His accents and different voices for the various characters are spot on.

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Troy H.

I listen to 2 or 3 Audio Books a month... Sadly after I finish this book I will have to look for a different Series without this Narrator. He is a great choice for a children's book that is written to put the children to sleep. The saddest part is not the Narrator but the knowledge that somebody came up with the great idea to replace the Narrator from the first 2 books. I wonder if the narrator and the Pro from Dover that made the monumental decision are related? UFB!

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ok so I'm going to do positive then negative here. ok so the title itself here is fantastic! the writing and the dynamics of the whole story are gripping, intense, fun, and fulfilling the very end! bernard cornwell is fantastic in his writing of this book. it had me wanting for more and more to the point that I jumped right into the next book! now for narration I could tell Tom did his best and was uncomfortable doing some of the voices. like one of the other reviews we were spoiled by Jonathan keeble who did amazing at the narration of these books! then to throw Tom into the mix through me off. some people dont like the narrator for this book but honestly hes not that bad compared to another narrator in the other books who I couldn't stand. I'll definitely be writing a review on that one. but when I heard Tom play as uthred I felt he resembled the uthred from the show which was nice and he did some other voices very nice as well and I give him credit there. but he lacked the passion and excitement as Matt bates and Jonathan had in there narrations. it could have been better but it wasnt terrible. All in all I enjoyed the crap out of this book and it had me emotional and on the edge of my seat! it's worth the read and I reckon you'll enjoy it too!

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