Love on Mimosa Lane

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2014
9 hours 34 minutes
Book Three of the #1 Amazon bestselling Seasons of the Heart Series.

Recurring characters appear in the #1 Amazon short story Here in My Heart, and in Let Me Love You Again, the heartwarming second book in the Echoes of the Heart series.

Law Beaumont and Kristen Hemmings have watched each other from a distance for years. But Law, a bartender with a bad-boy past, and Kristen, an assistant principal devoted to helping her community, couldn’t seem more different. When they unite to mentor a young foster child and to help Law’s troubled daughter through the aftermath of her parents’ ugly divorce, their attraction deepens. They face the undeniable connection between them, and a whirlwind of challenges they can only conquer together.

A stirring love story and a candid look at the complexities of divorce, substance abuse, and our country’s foster care system, Love on Mimosa Lane is a love song to an entire community, and a novel about the power of family—the family you’ve been given, the one you’ve chosen, and the one that can lift you up, even when the world is tearing you down.
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