Love, Pray, Listen: Parenting Your Wayward Adult Kids with Joy

Written by:
Mary Demuth
Narrated by:
Mary Demuth

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
5 hours 32 minutes
Wisdom and Hope for Parents of Grown-Ups

As a parent, your role changes drastically after your kids grow up. You fear heartache and strained relationships when your children choose difficult-even seemingly wrong-paths.

Love, Pray, Listen is the gracious, practical resource you need for navigating the rocky terrain of parenting grown-ups. In this book, mom and author Mary DeMuth answers questions like: What do I do when my kids make choices that don't align with my values?; How do I keep communication lines open with my grown children?; When do I speak, and when do I listen?; Is it possible to hold on to my joy when parenting is so hard?; and How do I avoid the temptation of meddling in my kids' lives?

Love, Pray, Listen offers a robust theology for long-term parenting gleaned from the discipleship model Jesus exemplified, one that carefully and thoughtfully applies his way of expressing love.

This is your invitation for spiritual growth and a path toward fulfilling relationships with your adult children.
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