Love Your Team

Written by:
Helen Fanucci
Narrated by:
Melanie Carey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
5 hours 37 minutes
The hybrid work revolution has made sales management the most pivotal role in the innovation economy—and simultaneously the most challenging.
The workforce power structure has flipped, putting every top seller in a position to write their own ticket. To succeed now, you must urgently, intentionally and pragmatically shift your focus from traditional deals and dollars to the ambitions, success, and well-being of each member of your team. Your sellers just became your number one customer!
Love Your Team is a conversation-by-conversation survival guide for sales managers who want to thrive in a world where their top talent can walk out the door without taking a single step. Helen Fanucci provides detailed instructions on how to shift focus from merely hitting sales goals to putting sellers first—as people and performers—making YOU the reason they join, stay, and win.
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