The Magicians: The First story

The Magicians: The First story

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
0 hours 5 minutes
'Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,' a disembodied voice on the stage of a magic show said, 'Abracadabra!' the voice said and the frame of a tall handsome black haired man in a tux and top hat materialized. 'I am Blake Fire', a brunette man in a tux and top hat walked on stage 'and he Is my assistant Max Starfire!'

'I am your partner grandead!' Max hissed.

'Enough Max! I'll sick a vampire hunter on you and your wife the queen of vampires;' Blake snapped back.

'I thought you loved your granddaughter Blake,' Max said as he pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

'I do but vampires are a pain in the neck!' Blake snapped as he did a rope trick.

'More Paper work as a coroner with the police and the grim Reaper I suppose!' Max retorted like a barb.

' Actually yes! The paper work is hell!,' Blake said pulling a bunch of flowers out of thin air.

'I thought so bureaucrat to the last' said Max laughing.

'Someone has to tidy up the mess you leave behind,' Blake said doing a magic trick.

'Well with out us life would be boring,' said Max smiling charmingly.

A ghost walked on stage Blake looked frustrated.

'What the hell this place isn't haunted! Max is this your work!' Blake snapped,

'No!' Max said confused.

'I heard you spoke to the dead so I came!' said the ghost.

'Great another one what do you want!' Blake grumbled.

'I hear you know the sorcerer Blake Alexander known as Blue Midnight,' the ghost said.
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