The Man Nobody Knows

Written by:
Bruce Barton
Narrated by:
Dan Dunlap

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2008
3 hours 31 minutes
It's not a surprise that in 1924'The Man Nobody Knows, was repeatedly turned down by publishers. Comparing Jesus to a corporate businessman was just plain old sacrilege. But in this day and age, Barton's comparison of Biblical teachings, personalities, and situations, offer great insights into the basic principles of developing a successful business, encouraging a team, and supporting clientele. The Bible,according to Barton, offers insight to how to be successful in business. An executive himself, Barton saw the value of learning from the successes (and subsequent failures) of such figures as John the Baptist, Samson, Moses, and, of course, Jesus. All were influential figureheads of their era and cultivated great followings, but ultimately their business structures crumbled because of their own personal flaws. In his book, Barton illustrates how a Biblical businessman had the ability to draw large crowds who were ready to follow his teachings. Barton illustrates how a no-name carpenter's son from Nazareth, starts a grassroots campaign to show people how to live their lives more constructively. His unique ideas find suit with 12 fishermen and laborers from his home who would become his apostles (or, in Barton's words, 'business partners'). What separates this character's endeavors of spreading his Gospel from the blunders of his contemporaries, is in his own personal network of followers and the drive of his top executives. Barton's book shows how a leader's patience and conviction as the world's first great advertising mogul becomes his defining attribute. Such are the monikers of all great success stories. Barton's use of parallel comparison brings a reader to the realization that this character's teachings, still to this day, has created the most powerful organization ever established. Conveying more than a fire-and-brimstone message, this classic American bestseller remains one of the most controversial (yet influential) works of our time.
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