The Mark: The Beast Rules the World

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2000
3 hours 12 minutes
2001 Christy Award finalist!
The international fiction series phenomenon continues. Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye pick up the exciting end-times saga where The Indwelling left off. The evil world leader Nicolae Carpathia officially takes his place as the Antichrist and begins his three-and-a-half year reign of terror over the earth. Technology provides the means to place the mark of the beast on every human, and the Trib Force scrambles to survive.
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maureen mikusa

I LOVE these authors. As all of us know the books are frightening enough but what I enjoy most is the humor in that is added here and there. Ex: What will happen to Leons (devils right hand man)old office? It will be part of the expansion for Potentate (devil). Oh, I new that he wanted to expand outward, but up as well? Yes, one of the benefits of his resurrected body , he is apparently ammune to the need for sleep , busy 24 hrs a day , he needs variety in his work environment . Ah ha that's all we need , Satan with no downtime . And one other mentionable from me . I bought the book "assassins" but bought the version read Richard Ferrone , what a grave mistake . If you have the choice get the audiobooks read by Frank Muller for as long as possible ( soon you won't have an option but I think it s book 9 or 10 Enjoy everyone and Thank you Tim and Jerry for some good clean fun

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