May the Best Man Win

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2016
10 hours 10 minutes
The first in a smart, sizzling new contemporary romance series by USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly

Jase Foster is as loyal and committed as a friend can get—when it comes to the guys, that is. But with women, he keeps it casual and experiences what one would call a “high turnover rate.”

Emily Klein is beautiful and confident … and has mile-long legs that have been strutting in and out of Jase’s life since adolescence, leaving a wake of destruction.

As they get paired up time after time as the best man and maid of honor in the upcoming nuptials of all of their best friends, Emily and Jase find their mutual resentment simmering just beneath the surface … right alongside their mutual attraction.

Committed to maintaining order for their friends’ sakes, they keep their personal loathing for each other under wraps … at least so long as they have an audience. But once they’re alone …
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Kalie R

His book was so fun to read! Loved the back and forth of the characters.

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Ami B

Definitely a must hear! Don't wait, don't put it off! Get your headphones and dig in! It'll have you begging for more!

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Cynthia M

This was a wonderful story with a great ending

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