Memory 101: Understanding the Practical Science of Memory

Written by:
Dan Reisberg
Narrated by:
Dan Reisberg

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
6 hours 37 minutes
Join Daniel Reisberg, Patricia & Clifford Lunneborg Professor of Psychology at Reed College, in an exploration of the slippery and surprising nature of memory.
You rely on your memory in virtually every aspect of your life. In this engrossing audio series, cognitive psychology professor Daniel Reisberg shares modern scientific research on the function and failures of memory. You’ll cover theoretical points, delving into the biology of memory and memory disorders, as well as gain practical information that can help you improve your memory.
In 15 eye-opening lectures, you’ll learn the answers to questions such as:
- What makes memory unreliable and malleable?
- Can we “remember” things that never really happened?
- Why do two people sometimes remember a shared experience differently?
- Is memory a “use it or lose it” function?

A consultant and expert witness on eyewitness testimony in judicial proceedings, Professor Reisberg shares his real-world experience of how incorrect or incomplete memories can lead to false convictions.
You’ll also learn how to optimize your own memory, as well as how to recognize and cope with potential signs of memory disorders. You’ll discuss timely concerns such as whether the digital age is having a detrimental effect on our collective memory. You’ll also explore the implications of memory in the COVID-19 era.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection. 
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Andris Z.

Informative, to the point and quite laconic. I liked it quite a lot.

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