Metaphysical AF: Harness Your Dreams in the Ethereal Realm

Written by:
Maggie Wilson
Narrated by:
Patryce Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
7 hours 15 minutes
Metaphysics explores the abstract concepts of space, time, and perception, and dwells in the amazing power of our own minds. This abstract, world-bending, psychedelic guide to metaphysical living is a mission statement for anyone who wishes to push the boundaries of consciousness with exciting esoteric knowledge of all varieties. Maggie Wilson introduces listeners to quantum theory, astral tripping, and plant spirit medicine, among many other studies that will help them expand their understanding of the world. This exciting and enlightening guide opens listeners to a brave new world of experience and asks them to be fearless in accessing the unending potential of their awareness.
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