The Millionaire Mind

Written by:
Thomas J. Stanley
Narrated by:
Cotter Smith

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2000
12 hours 30 minutes
Do you have the millionaire mind?
The runaway bestseller The Millionaire Next Door told us who America's wealthy really are. The Millionaire Mind tells how they got there, and how to become one of them. Inside, you'll discover the surprising answers to questions such as...
What success factors made them wealthy in one generation?
What part did luck and school play?
How do they find the courage to take financial risks?
How did they find their ideal vocations?
What are they spouses like and how did they choose them?
How do they run their households?
How do they buy and sell their homes?
What are their favorite leisure activities?

To become a millionaire, you have to think like one. The Millionaire Mind tells you how.
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Josh J.

Great book with great info.

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I was sad when this book was done! There are so many gems. I will listen again and write notes!

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Moetaz Soubjaki

Its not an advance book, professionals will not benefit from it. Old one

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