Mixed Up

Written by:
Gordon Korman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
5 hours 59 minutes
What happens when you lose your mind … and someone else gets it?
Reef and Theo don't know what's happening to them. They’ll be doing something totally normal and then suddenly they’ll have these strange flashes of memory—but the memories belong to someone else. And at the same time, their own memories are starting to … vanish.
For Reef, this is a big problem, because memories are all he has left of his mom.
For Theo, it’s strange because the new memories give him a freedom he doesn’t have with his bossy dad.
Reef and Theo are complete strangers, living in completely different towns. But they share something very weird and mysterious … and it’s becoming more and more important that they find each other and stop the memory slide before they’ve forgotten their own lives entirely.
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