Mortimer, Dog of Death

Mortimer, Dog of Death

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
0 hours 12 minutes
Danse Macabre (the first story)

When stage magician Blake Alexander aka Blake Fire who has a grim reaper for a soul senses someone in his audience is going to die he dances between life and death to not collect them with all his strength he must live and not take them to the afterlife because when his soul is released his body dies, and he can't die on stage in front of the world let alone come back to life.

Mortimer is Blake's reaper name

The Grave Diggers (second story)

the reapers act as grave diggers.

Mortimer, Dog of Death (third story)

Mortimer, the King of the Grim Reapers, has his toughest job yet posing as an Egyptian god to collect a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt how will he go?

He also must survive his friends, who think he looks like a joke.
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