Motivation to Succeed!: The Psychology of Motivation

Written by:
Made for Success
Narrated by:
Mark Victor Hansen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2010
11 hours 31 minutes
Have you ever wanted to find the perfect motivational speech exactly when you need it most? Look no further! Enjoy the world’s top motivational speakers in this multi-disc collection to fill your library with inspirational stories from master storytellers like Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Brown. Learn what drives high achievers like Michael Jordan to become the world’s best. Discover the tools you need to get motivated, even when you don’t feel like it. Delve into the human psyche with psychologist Dr. Larry Iverson using the latest Mayo Clinic brain research and understand what role motivation plays inside your mind to achieve exceptional goals. You’ll learn:

1. How to motivate yourself and others 2. The psychology of achievement 3. How to stay positive even in negative circumstances 4. Proven techniques to stay motivated 5. How to maintain self-discipline to stay on-track with your goals

Contents include: Mastering Positive Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself and Others by Mark Sanborn 5 Steps to Peak Performance: The Secret to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs by Dr. Larry Iverson Becoming Self-Disciplined: Make Yourself Do What You Should Do, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It by Laura Stack, MBA, CSP How to Stay Positive and Focused in Uncertain Times by Sarita Maybin Think It, Plan It, Do It! by Jennifer Sedlock It’s Possible by Les Brown The Key to Excellence by Charley Tremendous Jones How to Stay Motivated Parts 1-6: Changing the Picture by Zig ZiglarRip-Roaring Wealth by Mark Victor Hansen
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Tiran B.

This is a collection of recordings from different seminars and motivational speeches. It's not the typical format of an audiobook so there are live jokes, and you can hear the audience response to certain jokes, etc. There are the occasional moments of silence that I'm guessing is probably due to the fact that the presenter is showing a visual cue to the audience. The audio quality is not the best as it is a live recording, but good enough! I enjoyed it and listened to it twice already!

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