Mrs. Pollifax on Safari

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2011
6 hours 53 minutes
A safari expedition in Zambia is the disguise Emily employs in order to locate a professional assassin among her fellow explorers. Along the way, she meets an extraordinary man named Cyrus.
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Have yet to find one in this series that isn’t entertaining and delightful to listen to.

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Deborah N.

A fun read Mrs P is one of my favorite spy’s D

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Lada S.

Love the way Gilman researches the political and geographic, as well as linguistic background of the countries Mrs Pollifax travels to. And yet it is still an enjoyable, easy read.

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Carol B.

Years ago I thought l had read the whole Mrs Polifax series. Maybe I just didn’t remember this one. It is my first Audio of the series and like the books very enjoyable! An easy and very good listen that I can recommend. A bit of romance added too!

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Bonnie J B.

I LOVE this series !!!! More!!

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Bruce K.


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Carôle C.

Excellent! Apart from the expected excitement of the actual safari! That is a once in a lifetime experience that wasn’t really brought out in the story. Also, I thought that the ending was a bit abrupt and could have done with tidying Carstaires end. Maybe in the next book, although I doubt it! As for the narrator, I’ve mentioned this before, she doesn’t seem to pay full attention to the drama of the story! She Never changes the tone/volume of her narration to reflect the seriousness, stealth or discretion o the situation Mrs P air other characters find themselves in! Her accents are all perfectly well delivered, but she will always lose stars for her lack of dramatic delivery!

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