My eX-Mas Emergency

Written by:
Jennifer Peel
Narrated by:
Kim Churchill , Wayne Mitchell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
9 hours 27 minutes
Very few in Aspen Lake expected that I, Calista Monroe, their most notorious wild child, would ever amount to anything besides being a model prisoner. So, imagine their surprise when I returned as the hospital’s newest ER doctor. Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am. I had vowed to never return, even if it was the last safe haven during the zombie apocalypse. But when my niece Quinn begged me to come home, I couldn’t say no. My plan is to stay out of trouble this time, and, above all, avoid Quinn’s uncle Tristan—the man I love to hate and the reason I left Aspen Lake. But trouble starts to brew when my niece gets it into her pretty head that her uncle and I need to reconcile. The devious little thing insists we deck the halls together all season long. And since I’ll do anything to make Quinn happy, I agree, believing I’m completely immune to Tristan’s charm. Except the joke’s on me. Who knew that Tristan’s biggest regret was letting me go? And the infuriating man seems willing to do everything possible to win me back. Well, it’s going to take a Christmas miracle before I ever give him a second chance. Unfortunately for my plan, our chemistry could set a blizzard on fire. Now I have a major eEx emergency on my hands. Do I give my niece her Christmas wish, or do I let the love between Tristan and me flatline for once and for all?
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