The Mystery of Mercy Close

Written by:
Marian Keyes
Narrated by:
Caroline Lennon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2013
16 hours 0 minutes
As the youngest of the five Walsh girls, Helen has had a tough time finding her way in the world-- at thirty-three, she has her job as a private investigator that has proven less than fruitful and after losing her flat, she' s moved back in with Mammy Walsh. Her hunky new boyfriend, Artie, and his three adorable children are a great distraction, but his beautiful ex-wife lives a little too close for comfort. Meanwhile, Helen runs into her ex-boyfriend Jay Parker and reluctantly signs on to help him locate Wayne Diffney, the recently disappeared fourth member of Ireland' s biggest mid-nineties boy band, Laddz. Of the five Laddz, the Talented One has long gone on to better things, but the Cute One, the Gay One, and the Other One are all busily shunning carbs and rehearsing their reunion tour, and it' s Helen' s job to track down Wayne, the Wacky One. Wayne hasn' t left a trace, and Helen throws herself into the search wholeheartedly, leaving no stone unturned while watching her own life slowly fall apart, one unpaid bill at a time.
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