The Natural History of Selborne

Written by:
Gilbert White
Narrated by:
Peter Wickham

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
10 hours 12 minutes
Published in 1789, The Natural History of Selborne was written by Gilbert White, an English naturalist and clergyman. It comprises White's letters to fellow naturalists and friends, documenting the flora and fauna of his home town in Hampshire.
The book is considered one of the earliest and most influential works of natural history in the English language. In both its parts, White meticulously observes and describes the various species of birds, animals and plants that he encounters in the countryside, recording their behaviour and habits and providing valuable insights into the wonders of nature.
The Natural History of Selborne continues to be studied and admired for its detailed and vivid portrayal of the natural world.
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