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Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex

Written by:
Nina Hartley
Narrated by:
Alexandra Shawnee

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
12 hours 31 minutes
Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex is for sexual pioneers and enthusiastic novices. Unabashedly erotic, the book covers a lot of territory, allowing listeners to sample the whole smorgasbord or just nibble at what they see as the choicest bits. To start things off, Nina includes explicitly detailed chapters on foreplay, oral sex, masturbation, toys, and games. Sexual adventurers (and voyeurs) will find chapters on swinging, three-ways, anal sex, erotic domination, sensual submission, and much more.

Nina is a strong advocate of safe sex, physically and emotionally, and she helps listeners establish personal ground rules. But as a sexual liberationist and a feminist, her core belief is that, between consenting adults, all sexual behaviors are a matter of personal choice. Whether you're trying to reignite the passion with a longtime spouse, or explore new terrain with a new lover, Nina offers a variety of ideas to achieve exhilarating, deeply satisfying, intimate, and profoundly liberating sex.

Contains mature themes.
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Very well done. Direct and to the point. Couple of chapters that aren’t for me but all in all a very good book.

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