Njuta: Enjoy, Delight In: The Swedish Art of Savoring the Moment

Written by:
Niki Brantmark
Narrated by:
Karen Cass

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
4 hours 37 minutes
Do you aspire to live a more peaceful, intentional life of mindfulness, positivity, and gratitude? 

Njuta (pronounced “nyutah”), which means “enjoy” or “delight in,” is the Swedish art of savoring the moment. Focused on finding happiness in even the smallest things, njuta can be applied to every area of life: 

Daily rituals
Creating a comfortable home
Nature and friluftsliv (open-air life)
Meal times and fika (coffee breaks) 
Adapting to the seasons
Celebrations with family and friends 

From relishing a quiet moment of comfort to enjoying the beauty of nature or even just reveling in the deliciousness of a favorite snack, you too can do like the Swedes and open your eyes to all of life’s pleasures, no matter how simple. 

Niki Brantmark, founder of the popular blog My Scandinavian Home, offers easy-to-follow how-to’s, practical lists of tips and tricks, and unique insights into the most fascinating aspects of Swedish culture, from morning dips to Christmas crafting. Njuta is the ultimate guide to rejoicing in the moment, anytime and anywhere.

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.
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