The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work

Written by:
Jon Gordon
Narrated by:
Jon Gordon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2011
2 hours 2 minutes
A Story About Positive Ways to Turn Complaints Into Solutions, Innovations, and Success
Every complaint represents an opportunity to turn something negative into a positive!

It's Tuesday morning and Hope walks into her office with puffy eyes, a swollen head, and a broken heart. But unfortunately, her company-EZ Tech-is in worse shape than she is. The fact that their computer batteries are catching on fire is the least of their problems. Employees have been posting negative comments about management on blogs for the world to see, the media is attacking the credibility of the company, morale is at an all-time low, negativity is at an all-time high, and the stock price is sinking faster than the Titanic. As VP of human resources, Hope is charged with finding a solution to overcome the biggest challenge in her company's history. In the process of battling her own adversity, she discovers the no complaining rule and other positive ways to save her company and herself from ruin.

In the spirit of his international bestseller, The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon once again shares an inspiring and enlightening story that reveals a powerful way to tackle the biggest problem in business and life-the negativity that costs organizations billions of dollars and impacts the morale, productivity, and health of individuals and teams.

For managers, ream leaders, or anyone looking to turn negative energy into positive solutions, The No Complaining Rule shares powerful principles and an actionable plan to win the battle against individual and organizational negativity. When you implement the no complaining rule, you'll spend less time and energy on problems and more time focused on solutions.
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Trav C.

really enjoyed every part of this book. Gave a really different perspective to look at life. I manage and work with a large amount of complainers and interested in trying to implement some of these strategies in not in the work force, but also in my own life

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Lyly G.

The narration was great and the content of this book was awesome. Easy to listen to over and over with a strong and power message.

A lengthy variation of the “suck it up rule”. Naive and simplistic.

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Gary M.

Overly simple principles, especially as it relates to separating from difficult people who want to disrupt and even destroy relationships. Its a decent beginners book and I like some of his resources including Dr. John Gottman and the value of faith.

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Donna S

The narration really brought this book to life for me. It was a great read:)

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Danielle G.

So dark I couldn’t even get through it.

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Richard R.

I can't get enough books from this man. The time of recession is here again and this book is up to date even after 12 years. 100% motivation.

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Balint M.

Those who Love complaining should like this book from the start because the first half follows the journey of an HR manager who Loooves complaining. That's why for me it was tricky to listen to the first half because I live life with a positive mindset and I didn't see where the whole story is going. It is a nice hero's journey. For those who are into practical tips, it kicks in around 50mins or so. From then it is good to take a few notes with methods that are simple to apply to families and organisations alike.

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This easy listening, short yet powerfully applicable/impactful book (and author\'s many books writing style) is really a cloaked spiritual self help book presented as a middle manager\'s personal/job easy-listen story, then wrapped in a business management package...though, obviously, the wise principles taught can be applied to personal & family management as well. Very helpful tools teaching how to turn unproductive complaining into productive solutions...whether self, family, job, or coworkers/management/executives. The author does an equally great job as audiobook narrator.

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Shane V.

Simple and lacking substance. Little soppy to be honest. Reading style very stop start and hard to listen to. Nice and short though.

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Tony S.

Very memorable book and easy to follow narration.

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Vicki A.

A fabulous story and such great lessons we can all follow. A story of courage and focus. Beautiful. I am going to implement these practices myself.

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Emily R.

Unpopular opinion. Was not impressed with this book.

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