No Lathering Matter

No Lathering Matter

Written by:
S.E. Babin
Narrated by:
Deva Marie
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
4 hours 42 minutes
Ivy Bradshaw has all the training in the world when it comes to soap, but there’s no schooling when it comes to murder.

When a missing box of lye from Ivy’s store links her to a murder, Ivy will have to pull out all the stops to maintain her squeaky clean image. With a smart-mouthed, mysterious skeleton as her sidekick, she takes on the case as she tries to figure out who in the world would want to implicate her in such a serious crime.

But other forces are at play and a business rival sees this as a good opportunity to put her out of business for good. On the other hand, the handsome librarian Ivy’s had a crush on for ages finally pulls his head out of his books long enough to see her as more than a soapmaker, so things aren’t all bad.

Regardless, the only time Ivy will have soon is jail time if she doesn’t figure out the culprit behind the murder. And time is the only thing she doesn’t have enough of...
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