No Man's Land

No Man's Land

Narrated by:
Amanda Friday
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2024
5 hours 30 minutes
Emily Trigger is doing her best to use her newfound powers. Will it be enough, or will they just cause more mayhem?

Zombies to the left of the Prodigal Suns, Ancient Gods of Magic to the right. The only place the zombies don't seem to be are marching right in front of them. Not yet anyway.

The trek into enemy territory is a lot harder, with Heka's zombies looking for prey, hunting them at every turn. Even with a little magic on their side.

No matter. Nothing is going to stop our highly trained heroes. When there's a job to do that no one else wants, the Prodigal Suns, special forces rise and shine and show up.

Next on their list is Palladino's villa and Emily and the team are encountering more problems of the magical kind.

Will they risk one of their own for the greater good? Will it pay off?

Continue the adventures through Ukraine as the Prodigal Suns gather the clues and fight the enemies they need to finally get to Heka. The Ancient God of Magic loose on a rampage.
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