Northern Shadows

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
12 hours 52 minutes
Not all adversaries go quietly into the long cold night …

Entrapped and snared by Union forces, General Lee has surrendered. Celebrations take hold of the North as the Confederacy crumbles without their hero. Yet Wolf's war isn't over. Diehard rebels still operate in the field, led by the secret organization the Knights of the Golden Circle, including Wolf's nemesis, Marshall Payne.

Their plot? Kill the president and let the war rage on.

Wolf and his men rush to Washington, DC, to meet the enemy head-on. But these enemies do not march and fight as armies do; they lurk in the shadows waiting to strike. Can Wolf and his motley crew keep the assassins at bay?

The epic finale of the bestselling and award-winning military historical fiction series is filled with danger, conspiracy, and revenge as the North's most unlikely heroes are tasked with the impossible. For fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michael and Jeff Shaara, Matthew Harffy, Steven Pressfield, and Simon Scarrow. Start today!
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