Not Just Gal Pals

Not Just Gal Pals

Written by:
Elizabeth Luly
Narrated by:
Abby Craden
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
8 hours 0 minutes
Jenny Lynton never planned to be an influencer. It just sort of . . . happened. When an unfortunate post results in Jenny being 'almost canceled,' she extends her stay in her hometown, Sapphire Springs, New York, to wait out the storm. Jenny's agent suggests a fling with a flannel-wearing lumberjack might be just the thing to distract her. But after a string of disastrous dates, Jenny has sworn off flings. And lumberjacks are in short supply in Sapphire Springs. Lumberjanes, on the other hand . . .

Blake Mitchell is Sapphire Spring's only doctor. She's also had a crush on Jenny since high school. A crush that makes her a socially awkward mess whenever she's around Jenny. Blake moved back home to avoid being hurt by another relationship-there's not exactly a lot of dating options for lesbians in Sapphire Springs-but Blake can't stop thinking about Jenny now she's back in town.

When Jenny and Blake are forced to work together to save a friend's bachelorette party, sparks fly. But with Jenny's return to LA a ticking time-bomb, is it wise for them to explore their feelings for each other, or do they risk being hurt yet again?

Contains mature themes.
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