The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play

Written by:
Neil Fiore
Narrated by:
Neil Fiore

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2011
7 hours 31 minutes
Simple, Effective, Immediately Useful

The first comprehensive strategic system for overcoming the causes and eliminating the effects of procrastination.

Techniques to help any busy person get more things done more quickly, without the anxiety and stress brought on by delay and pressing deadlines.

If you are a professional, manager, student, entrepreneur, writer, or homemaker, this audio book will help you achieve your goals more rapidly-whether they be large, complex challenges or the small, essential tasks of everyday life and work. If you now work effectively even though you have too much to do and too little time, THE NOW HABIT will show you how to prioritize your goals to allow more time for guilt-free play.

Step by step, Neil Fiore, Ph.D. reveals numerous tested strategies for ridding your life of procrastination:

Use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure
Overcome the perfectionism and fear of failure that lie behind procrastination
Benefit from making positive statements about work instead of sabotaging yourself with negative statements
Make your worry work for you
Use the Unschedule time-management techniques
Accomplish more in less time through efficient 'flow state' work styles
Assist the procrastinators in your life in overcoming their problems

THE NOW HABIT promises you the chance to truly enjoy guilt-free recreational time, knowing the work is really behind you.
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Carmel S.

An excellent example of a self-help book that addresses a real problem many of us have. The author bases his recommendations on his personal history as a procrastinator, his research findings and his group therapy work with procrastinators. The result is an engaging, direct, highly practical book full of great tips. Now, the real question with any how-to book is, does it work? Yes, the tips he provides WILL work, but bear two things in mind. One, it's not overnight. You have to constantly reinforce the steps and self-talk he gives you or you'll fall back into the same patterns. Two, you may have to listen to the book more than once to get a good grasp of everything. A lifelong procrastinator, I was already experiencing positive changes just a week or so after reading the book. It takes time and some struggle, but it's worth it. The narrator is good, sets the right friendly tone for the book.

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This book was really helpful! It contains a lot of good advice on overcoming procrastination. It emphasises the deeper issues behind procrastination rather than focusing on just tips to overcome.

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T. Chadrisse Knight

This is a great book to deal with patterns of procrastination. Simple, applicable strategies are provided that give great tools to overcome those challenges. It's a great read and highly recommended. I have listened to it at least three times.

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Rashid Khan

The best selfhelp book, I've ever read. The thing that differentiate it from others of its genre is it's convincing argument based on human psychology and best practices in management.

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Mollen Maswanganyi

This book has practically ways to deal with procrastination in your life. Give it a listen you'll learn a lot from it

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There are some good techniques of course, but many of the stated things in the book just seem impossible in reality. This is one of those ‘good in theory’ books to me personally

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Naresh Jain

Good book to listen

Profile Avatar

enjoyed listening

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Tomislav Njari

good book if you procrastinate a lot.

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Great content but could have used a better narrator.

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Luana F.

very interesting

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Susan B.

Excellent book! Practical and easy to follow.

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