A Nye of Pheasants

Written by:
Steve Burrows
Narrated by:
David Thorpe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
12 hours 30 minutes
Prior to assuming his new role with a different constabulary, Danny Maik has taken a holiday in Singapore to reconcile with an old friend, Guy Trueman. When a street brawl turns deadly, Danny is facing a charge of manslaughter, but when evidence emerges that he may have planned the victim's murder, Maik is looking at the death penalty. Back in Norfolk, Maik's replacement is trying to resurrect his career after an earlier serious error. At first, the signs are promising. His astute observations turn the apparent suicide of a local pheasant farmer into murder. DI Domenic Jejeune should be monitoring his new charge, but he is too distracted by Danny's plight. Others are watching, though, and they are disturbed by what they're seeing. With the situation heading to a deadly climax, Domenic must decide where his duty lies.
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