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Of a Fire on the Moon

Written by:
Norman Mailer
Narrated by:
MacLeod Andrews

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2016
17 hours 33 minutes
For many, the moon landing was the defining event of the twentieth century. So it seems only fitting that Norman Mailer—the literary provocateur who altered the landscape of American nonfiction—wrote the most wide-ranging, far-seeing chronicle of the Apollo 11 mission. A classic chronicle of America’s reach for greatness in the midst of the Cold War, Of a Fire on the Moon compiles the reportage Mailer published between 1969 and 1970 in Life magazine: gripping firsthand dispatches from inside NASA’s clandestine operations in Houston and Cape Kennedy; technical insights into the magnitude of their awe-inspiring feat; and prescient meditations that place the event in human context as only Mailer could.
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Herb B.

This book could have been half the size it was because the author spent hours meandering through deep philosophical tangents about his own life and the meaning of it all. When he got back to the story at hand - the first moonshot - there are some great stories, inside information, and science facts that we rarely ever hear about. It was narrated very well - easy to listen, pacing, and emotional.

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arrogant and self serving I wish I knew what I had bought before I purchased this book

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