Old Blood: The Hotly Anticipated And Relentless Third Instalment: DI Jamie Johansson Book 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
11 hours 51 minutes
They took everything from her. Now she has nothing left to lose…

With the scars of her last case still fresh on her skin, DI Jamie Johansson is piecing together a puzzle that's been buried for twenty years. It killed her father, and now she's determined to finish what he started and expose the corruption threaded through every street of Stockholm.

When a series of violent incidents rock Jamie's fragile existence in Sweden, she's faced with a choice — drop the case, or have her loan to Stockholm Police terminated.

Jamie must let go of everything she once believed in, and call in all the favours she can to find a chink in the impenetrable armour of the shadowy Imperium Holdings. They aren't above extortion, bribery, murder, or anything else. And they don't like it when people ask questions. Jamie wouldn't be the first determined detective they've silenced, but she may be the last.

From gritty, blood-soaked city streets to desolate and deadly frozen tundras, this case will take Jamie all across Scandinavia in pursuit of the men responsible for shattering her life. They thought they weakened her by prising her from the protection of the Stockholm Police, but really, they just cut the chain around her neck…

Jamie Johansson is out for blood. Old Blood. And she won't stop until she gets it.
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