Olympian Games [Dramatized Adaptation]: Agent of Exiles 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
7 hours 2 minutes
'Secret agents Samuel and Mehrnaz are back in a new supernatural adventure in the ancient world! Imperial spymaster Croesus is sending his top team to Greece on a personal assignment: find out why the Oracle of Delphi betrayed him and how it engineered the death of his son and heir.
But to reach Delphi, Samuel and Mehrnaz will first have to fight myth-obsessed pirates, charm a ship of women smugglers, wrestle Spartans in a death match, and outwit amorous Athenians. And at the Oracle, they must face their true opponents: the descendants of a long-dead empire of evil who, in service to their infernal lord, are determined to bring bloody chaos to the whole world.
Olympian Games continues the action-filled romp through the sixth century BCE that began in Agent of Exiles 1: The League of Set, with the unlikely friends Samuel of Judea and Mehrnaz of Persia as your extremely deadly guides.
Library Journal said about The League of Set: ''This series will captivate listeners with tales of action, intrigue, and magic, set amid the pyramids and tombs of ancient Egypt. This full-cast production makes the most of the audio medium, deftly employing music, sound effects, and multiple voices. The result is a cinematic production that is witty and engaging, but also satisfyingly sensitive and complex.''
Performed by Richard Rohan, Lynette Rathnam, Laura C. Harris, Peter Holdway, Marni Penning, Christopher Graybill, Nick DePinto, Jenna Sharpe, Lise Bruneau, Lily Beacon, Henry W. Kramer, Niusha Nawab, Nanette Savard, Alejandro Ruiz, Ian Russell, John Kielty, Andrew James Spooner, Daniel Llaca, Andy Brownstein, Steven Carpenter, Earl Fisher, Mark Harrietha, Anthony Palmini, Yenni Ann, and Shanta Parasuraman.'
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