On Eden Street

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
10 hours 5 minutes
'He might be a nobody, but he was their nobody and their first case.'

The new Kings Lake Central murder squad is about to spend its first morning on team-building exercises and reviewing cold cases when the call comes in that the body of one of the city's rough sleepers has been found in a shop doorway. It happens, someone says, he isn't the first to die on the streets and he won't be the last, but the story the new team begins to uncover is far from routine.

New characters appear and new relationships form as the pressure grows on Detective Chief Inspector Cara Freeman to deliver a result and show that Kings Lake's first specialist team is worth the money. Detective Sergeant Christopher Waters discovers links to a previous investigation, learns that there is more than one way to run a successful squad and finds flower-arranging more interesting than he would ever have imagined.
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Jamieson S.

One tries to imagine the mind of Peter Grainger as these stories flow out of him and intermingle from book to book. With this series, he appears to be firmly "in the zone," creating unforgettable characters who grow and change before our wondering eyes. As one dot connects to the next, I mentally slap my forehead and wonder if he intended that all along, or if it has somehow fallen into place -- magically, like love at first sight, or, in the case of a new character in this book, love without sight at all, perhaps? When I started reading this series, neither myself nor anyone I knew (and I know many) had dreamed of a pandemic, or a world where we were afraid to go out and be with each other. As our isolation continues, we seek new companions, new stimulation, new ways of connecting. Whether for a pandemic or some other time when it's safe to be together again, this series is a comfort with its engrossing plots, beautiful terrain; enchanting moments frozen in time; and characters who often manage to find the best in themselves, in each other, and in the people whose paths they cross in the line of duty. I simply can't say enough good things about these books. Only recently did I look up the narrator -- Gildart Jackson -- online, and now I've discovered that he's handsome as well as a brilliant actor! So while I know you will enjoy these books in their eBook form, in order to fully relish and marvel to the series, you must listen to them. It's literally the difference between dancing by yourself in the living room and being swept around the floor in full regalia by a master. Once you've heard Jackson read one of these books, you'll be unable to resist the others -- and then you'll tell everyone you know about them.

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Robert T.

Great addition to the series.

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christina Brownlow

Good storyline with enjoyable characters and very well read!

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Michael Hayes

Definitely left me wanting to see where the Characters go from here.

On Eden Street
This title is due for release on April 28, 2020.

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On Eden Street
This title is due for release on April 28, 2020
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On Eden Street
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On Eden Street

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