The Organic Faith Bundle: Two Christian Books For the Price of One

The Organic Faith Bundle: Two Christian Books For the Price of One

Written by:
Scott Douglas
Narrated by:
Gary Whitaker
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
6 hours 30 minutes
Two Christian books for the price of one!

This is a two book set. It contains:

- Jesus Ascended. What Does That Mean?
- Bethlehem, the Year Jesus Was Born

The books takes Biblical topics, and strips them down to their purist state so you can reconsider them in ways you may have never thought about before.

The summary of each book is below:

Jesus Ascended. What Does That Mean?

Jesus rose. But Christ didn't just rise from the dead. He ascended to Heaven.

We hear the stories about Peter and John and all the heroes of the New Testament, and they're unstoppable Christians--fearless and bold. But it wasn't until after the Ascension that they were on fire for Christ. So, what happened during the forty days? Something happened.

There's more written about Christ's ministry before his death than the events that happened after his Resurrection, but when we look at Ascension, we begin to see that there's power in small details.

Looking at what happened after the Resurrection, and further at the Ascension of Christ, we start to see what happened to transform the followers--and in seeing this we might just be transformed ourselves.

Bethlehem, the Year Jesus Was Born

The Bible teaches us the real story of Christmas. The problem is people have taken this story and added on to it. Cultures have added on to it. It’s passed through countries, and they’ve tacked on their little spin.

We have thousands of years of a Christmas that is built around legends and myths. The Christmas we know is, in places, more a fairytale.

When you begin to unwrap the many layers of the first Christmas, you begin to see that there’s more to Christmas than meets the eye. God is giving us a message—a gift to unwrap.

This is the story of Christmas. Christmas: God’s gift to us.
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