Out of the Sky

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
7 hours 43 minutes
Book 2 in a military sci-fi series set in a monster-filled apocalypse from Amazon bestseller Jake Bible. It's perfect for fans of Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Hell Divers series, T. W. Piperbrook, and the Pacific Rim series.

Federal Marshal Lu Morgan and her ragtag group of survivors and government agents fought hard to stay alive and defeat the massive monsters, but now a second eruption has sent even more deadly creatures flying up into the ash-cloud that covers the land.

The US government, the survivors of the eruption, and a team of scientists must fight a new evil that falls from the sky and turns animals, and people, into grotesque creatures bent on killing every living thing in their path.

It is a race against time, and a race for survival, as all involved struggle to find answers as to where the monsters came from and how to stop them.

If stopping them is even possible.
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