Outer Banks: Dead Break

Written by:
Jay Coles

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
6 hours 9 minutes
The Pogues hit the beach in another action-packed original YA novel, based on the hit Netflix show Outer Banks.

It’s summer, and there’s a big surfing competition coming to the OBX. Competitors—like Kie and Rafe—will participate in paddle-in and tow-in surfing events. Athletes from around the world flood into the Outer Banks, filling the island’s hotels.

When Kie strikes up a flirtation with one of the out-of-town surfers, Pope, John B, and JJ can’t help but get jealous. Not only was Kie at another school last year (a Kook school, to be specific), now she’s spending her summer vacation with these out-of-towners, too?! Meanwhile, the surfers are treating Pope’s dad like some kind of hero, and Heyward won’t explain why. On top of it, tensions are high as the competition heats up. Then one of the professional surfers washes up dead, and everyone assumes he got crushed by a wave. But Pope, an aspiring coroner, isn’t so sure …
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