Patton on Leadership: Strategic Lessons for Corporate Warfare

Written by:
Alan Axelrod
Narrated by:
Bruce Winant , Robert Foxworth

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 1999
3 hours 0 minutes
As commander of the Third Army, General George S. Patton, Jr.'s wartime success inspired the remarkable performance of his troops, and the grudging admiration of his enemies. Having stormed across France and Germany with lightning speed, Patton revealed himself as a courageous warrior, a gifted strategist, an inspiring communicator, a masterful motivator, and, most importantly, a brilliant leader.

Patton On Leadership distills Patton's brilliance into essential lessons every leader must know to win in today's merciless corporate wars.

Vibrant with the earthy wit and wisdom that was Patton's hallmark, these lessons show managers how to develop and project a leadership image, communicate effectively across large organizations, establish clear priorities, build a winning team, mentor future leaders, resolve conflict, sustain optimum performance against all obstacles, and instill the kind of loyalty that inspires consistent outstanding achievement.

In a work equally engaging to current or future managers and history buffs alike, General Patton's leadership in battle is turned into the ultimate manual for victory.
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Russ Metge

Don't agree entirely with this style if management in the corporate world. I'm sure it is a great way to lead an army and maybe a good way to manage 50 years ago. There were a few great points, but overall the book was average.

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