Paying The Piper: A Short Horror Story

Narrated by:
Robin Mcconnell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
0 hours 38 minutes
When a vial containing a strange liquid is sent to police headquarters, there is immediately some caution. Could this be poison? Some chemical attack? The vial is carefully packed away and sent for testing. Despite the caution, nobody guesses the vial’s true significance. Where it came from, what the liquid inside might be or how it is connected to the strange flyers that have appeared all over town, flyers bearing the image of a curious little goblin, merrily skipping along and playing on his flute.

As the results come back however, the situation becomes clearer, the threat more present and the chance that a villain from a centuries old fairytale might turn up in this modern world, somehow seems more real.

“For when the Piper plays, you cease your toil and hark, For he comes for your children, to lead them to the dark”.
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