Peace Is a Chain Reaction

Written by:
Tanya Lee Stone
Narrated by:
Brian Nishii , June Angela

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
3 hours 30 minutes
Adults wage war, while children are unwitting victims, pulled into a maelstrom of fear and hate without any choice. This is a story about two groups of teenagers on opposite sides of the world, forever connected by an act of war. It is a story about
the adults some of those teens became, forever connected by acts of forgiveness, understanding, and peace. And it is a story about one remarkable man, whose heart belonged to both America and Japan, who put that peace and understanding in motion.
Panning the camera wide, Tanya Lee Stone lays the global groundwork for the story’s context before zeroing in on the lives of the people involved providing an intimate look at how their changing perspectives affected their actions. Through
meticulous research and interviews, she skillfully weaves all these stories together, illuminating how, despite the devastating pain and destruction caused by war, peace can be a chain reaction.
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