Picture, Perfect, Corpse

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
8 hours 1 minute
When police detective Chad Detweiler's estranged wife is found shot to death with bullets from his revolver, the proud papa-to-be finds himself up the creek without a lawyer. The dead woman's family immediately points the finger at the detective. An exhausted Kiki does all she can to be supportive. After all, the dead woman was a drug addict! But when Detweiler's family makes a request that Kiki can't honor without breaking a promise, a solemn oath to her daughter, Kiki puts her foot down.

Worried, heartsick, and the target of the Detweiler family's rage, Kiki must keep up appearances and hold her head high, even as the entire St. Louis area brands her as a slutty excuse for a woman. Maybe she is, but she's also a loyal friend.

When her boss at Time in a Bottle, the craft store, is confronted by the heartbreaking, new information about the death of her son, Kiki offers emotional support. She embarks on a memorial project as a way to unravel the facts surrounding the boy's untimely demise.

Even as she untangles the messy threads connected to the past, Kiki can't stop herself from wondering if the man she loves is tangled up in murder. Could it be that the hunky cop just snapped?
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