Pine Creek Matchmaker

Written by:
Amity Hope
Narrated by:
Cassidy Brown

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
8 hours 54 minutes
Love can lead anyone to redemption-in this unforgettable and heartwarming Pine Creek romance from author Amity Hope . . .

After leaving Pine Creek-along with his family and the rest of their Amish community-four years ago, Caleb Weaver has returned. He's come back to help his parents with their struggling candy shop, and everyone in their small town is buzzing with the news. But no sooner does he return than he's flagged down by the last person he wanted to see . . . with a helpless, abandoned kitten.

Sadie Ziegler will do almost anything to save an animal, including accepting a ride from her best friend's older brother, her childhood nemesis. Only, the troublesome boy she remembers has been replaced by a serious, kind, and hardworking man. But not everyone is ready to accept someone who's been shunned . . .

Now Sadie and Caleb find themselves organizing the town's community fundraiser, working together to help his family, and even matchmaking along the way. For the first time, redemption-and a chance at love-seems almost within reach. But there's no escaping the secret that drove Caleb from Pine Creek . . .
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