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Plague of the Undead

Written by:
Joe McKinney
Narrated by:
Todd McLaren

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
12 hours 36 minutes
For thirty years, they have avoided the outbreak of walking death that has consumed America's heartland. They have secured a small compound near the ruins of Little Rock, Arkansas. Isolated from the world, they have remained blissfully unaware of what lies outside in the region known as the Dead Lands. Until now.

Led by a military vet who's seen better days, the inexperienced offspring of the original survivors form a small expedition to explore the wastelands around them. A biologist, an anthropologist, a photographer, a salvage expert-all are hoping to build a new future from the rubble. But the infected are still out there. Stalking. Feeding. Spreading like a virus. Wild animals roam the countryside, hunting prey. Small pockets of humanity hide in the shadows: some scared, some mad, all dangerous. This is the New World. If the explorers want it, they'll have to take it. Dead or alive.
Profile Avatar
Elias M.

The main story was great. There's constant adventure being thrown at you and slightly less action than other zombie novels I've read, which is perfectly fine if there is focus on dialog and relationship between characters. (spoilers ahead) the Main story is about a deputy from a small community that lives in the southern states of North America. The community is called Arbella and has managed to stay successful after 30 years from the zombie outbreak. Deputy Jacob and Sheriff Taylor decide to get an expedition group to explore as far as they can from the city to find supplies and possibly other survivors. Their group is eventually captured by a caravan that travels throughout the US that is called the family and is forced to become slaves. This is where they lose many of their members and meet a girl that was part of an advanced community that has flying ships powered by solar energy and have the power to attract the undead with morphic field generators. There are 4 short stories at the end that are really good as well. my favorite was the one where this girl is pretending to be a zombie and finds a person she knew before the outbreak. I will definitely be checking out more Joe Mckinney in the future.

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