Written by:
Eleanor H. Porter
Narrated by:
Barbara Caruso

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2013
6 hours 44 minutes
When Pollyanna was published in 1913, it became an overnight success. It immediately sold over a million copies as young and old alike fell in love with the little freckled orphan girl and her spirited optimism. Many of Beldingsville's citizens are ill, misguided, and even despairing. The sparkling, ingenuous eleven-year-old who descends upon them with her 'glad game' gives them renewed hope and changes their lives forever. Then unexpected tragedy strikes, and Pollyanna can no longer find the silver lining in any cloud. Can a child's suffering possibly serve any purpose? Author Eleanor Porter wrote, ' I have never believed that we ought to deny discomfort and pain and evil: I have merely thought that it is far better to greet the unknown with a cheer.' With the added bonus of Barbara Caruso's skillful reading, even adult readers will be challenged to finish the book dry-eyed.
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Julia C.

My son loved this but my daughter didn’t?! Narrator was great. Story did seem to go on & the main drama was resolved in 2 sentences at the end (but of an anticlimax).

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