Porcelain: The Soul That Never Broke

Porcelain: The Soul That Never Broke

Written by:
Miranda Dodge
Narrated by:
Joshua Macrae
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
7 hours 33 minutes
Yes or No?

Have you ever been stuck in the past? Running around and around only to find that you are right where you were in the beginning?

Have you ever fought so hard to break free only to be dragged back in? Ever felt like you couldn't be loved? Couldn't be cherished?

Have you ever hurt so much to the point where you were bleeding and crying, but numb at the same time?

That you were worthless and nothing, but refused to give up?

Did you answer yes?

Then come find the way out with Ashton, a renowned neurosurgeon, who was kidnapped, raped, beaten, and forced to kill. Only to find she couldn't escape. Until she fell in love with an angel.

Demons—the most dangerous creatures, and Angels—the purest of all beings. For Ashton Lure, a renowned neurosurgeon, these beings only existed in mythological stories. Or so she thought... And, when she found herself in the Demon Realm, she could only wonder, can I truly be free from him?

The demons weren't all bad, and the angels weren’t all pure, and somehow, they became a family—something Ashton had missed all her life. But just when she thought she could live without her painful nightmares, the dark past she tried to hide got in the way, threatening to leave her in ruins yet again.
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