Preacher's Purge [Dramatized Adaptation]: First Mountain Man 29

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
6 hours 44 minutes
'When greed overtakes men’s souls, it falls to the righteous mountaineer known as Preacher to rain fire and brimstone upon them from the barrels of his guns.
Preacher has agreed to escort Barnaby Cooper through Dakota Territory’s hills to establish a trading post. Accompanied by his friends Lorenzo and Tall Dog, the mountain man hopes they’ll be able to protect Cooper from Sioux warriors who don’t want any white man trespassing on their sacred grounds.
But the Sioux aren’t the only hostiles staking their claim in the region. Englishman Albion Shaw knows there’s gold in the hills. And with a band of cutthroat killers to do his bidding, Shaw has enough manpower and firepower to keep both trappers and tribes from settling on the land where he can build an empire.
But Shaw didn’t reckon on crossing a man like Preacher. A man who not only knows what it takes to survive in the wilderness, but a man who will fight for freedom and justice to his very last breath—and his very last bullet.
Performed by Mort Shelby, Ken Jackson, Andrew James Spooner, Joey Sourlis, Chris Genebach, Peter Holdway, Michael Glenn, Earl Fisher, Christopher Walker, John Kielty, Renee Dorian, Adrian Garcia, Daniel Llaca, David Jourdan, Bradley Foster Smith, Robb Moreira and James Lewis. With additional performances by Zeke Alton, Jacob Yeh, Michael John Casey, Scott McCormick, Terence Aselford, Rayner Gabriel, Kay Elúvian, Richard Rohan, Matthew Bassett, Mike Ciporkin, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Anthony Palmini and Yasmin Tuazon.'
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