Promises at Pyramid Rock: A Sweet, Best Friends, Military Romance

Promises at Pyramid Rock: A Sweet, Best Friends, Military Romance

Written by:
Jess Mastorakos
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
5 hours 56 minutes
I love her. I always have. But is telling her the truth worth ruining our friendship?

I met Ana on the playground when we were kids. She kicked me down the slide because I was scared and took too long. I fell in love with her on the spot. No matter which way life pulled us, we stayed in contact as best friends do. That’s our first problem. Best friends. Purely platonic.

Our second problem has been the only thing keeping me from doing something stupid like telling her I love her. We’ve never lived in the same city as adults, and never spent time in one place long enough for temptation to overwhelm me. I am firmly in the friend zone and I need to accept it. If she saw me as relationship material, wouldn’t I know it?

Now Ana is moving to Hawaii. Right down the road. I’ll see her gorgeous face every day. I’ll have lunch with her. I’ll go to the beach with her. I’ll show her around and introduce her to my other friends. What I won’t do is tell her the truth.

But how can I hide how I really feel when each time she smiles at me, I want to do the one thing I know I shouldn’t?

Promises at Pyramid Rock is book two in this sweet military romance series and is told from both points of view in the first person, from alternating narrators. Each book can be read as a standalone but they are fun to read in order!
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