Prophets & Kings: Prequel Collection

Written by:
Mesu Andrews
Narrated by:
Nan Mcnamara

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
5 hours 44 minutes
What if you could climb into Mesu Andrews' mind while she plotted a biblical novel? Have you ever wished you knew more about a character's motivation? Or more personal history that led to the characters' emotional reactions? Prophets & Kings answer those questions.

His Unfathomable Plan attests to God's absolute goodness and sovereignty over even the most painful events of our lives. Before Aya becomes Isaiah's prophetess wife, she cares for a little girl who young Prince Ahaz later agrees to marry.

Adnah's Legacy proves even the wickedest villain could have once been capable of love. Meet Shebna as an innocent boy, living with his father and brother. Both brothers fall in love with the household servant, Adnah. In Isaiah's Legacy, Adnah's daughter becomes the Queen of Judah. In the prequel, you'll discover how Shebna and his brothers' broken hearts formed them.

Of Heroes and Kings illustrates that only the greatest kings realize Yahweh creates true heroes. In this prequel to Of Fire and Lions, meet Prince Nebuchadnezzar. Discover why Daniel and his parents' lives are about to collide with Nebuchadnezzar when King Josiah involves Judah in a senseless war.
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