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The Quicksilver Court

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
16 hours 37 minutes
Loyalties are tested and nations clash in this fresh epic fantasy bursting with adventure, intrigue, ambition, and deadly magic—perfect for fans of Robin Hobb and Karen Miller.

Ryxander, Warden of Gloamingard, has failed. Unsealed by her blood, the Door hidden within the black tower has opened. Now, for the first time since the age of the Graces, demons walk the world.

As tensions grow between nations, all eyes—and daggers—are set on Morgrain, which has fallen under the Demon of Discord’s control. When an artifact with the power to wipe out all life in a domain is stolen, Ryx will do whatever it takes to save her home from destruction. But success may demand a larger sacrifice from Ryx than she could have imagined.
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