The Quilting House: A Hickory Grove Novel

Written by:
Elizabeth Bromke
Narrated by:
Cecily White

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
3 hours 42 minutes
A weathered family barn, a second chance at love, and the quilt that wove them together...

It's winter, and Liesel Hart needs a project. Single and over the hill, she's more likely to turn to the convent than to find a date for the Christmas tree lighting. But when her friend's daughter reaches out with questions about Liesel's favorite passtime, she sees a chance to reinvent herself... until a family secret comes knocking like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Gretchen Engel has a simple dream: open a craft store. But then her ex-boyfriend comes home for Christmas, bringing a winter storm with him. Now Gretchen is stuck in the Hickory Grove Inn with her ex and a Christmas shopping list a mile long... how can she pull off a business plan if she can hardly manage the holidays?

Becky, Fern, and Maggie, and Greta are close friends and happy locals, and their cherubic children are starring in this year's Nativity play. But a critical prop is missing... and the show can't go on without it.

Will the group of six find the time to patch together a cozy friendship? Or will they run out of hot cocoa first?

Take a trip to the heart of America and fall in love with Hickory Grove's quirky residents who work hard, enjoy the simple life, and always put love first. Each title is a standalone read.

The Schoolhouse: Book One

The Christmas House: Book Two

The Farmhouse: Book Three

The Innkeeper's House: Book Four

The Quilting House: Book Five
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Mary B.

I don’t really know what was happening with the story because the narrator made the main characters voices so irritating! No one sounds that whiny! Her actual voice was fine, but not when she did different characters. Couldn’t finish.

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Debra B.

Light romance, Hallmark movie plot. The narrator’s southern twang accent was distracting since the characters were native midwestern Indiana folk.

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Hilary R.

Although a bit of a nothing burger, that very slow pace, nothing much happening was surprisingly pleasing. As satisfying as watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie. No excitement, just the reassuring comfort of a mug of cocoa on a wintery day. The narrator was a touch cloying, but even that was pleasant in an odd way.

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Dena M.

Narrator was awful! Couldn’t get past the prologue due to her voice. Storyline predictable from the start.

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this is actually such a dull story. I feel that it was given more plot in the preview than actually exists. if the story hasn't got depth it helps if the writing is good... unfortunately not with this book. don't get me wrong it's sweet n all but not worth the credit if I'm honest. the narrator was fine and did the best with the characters as they were written

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